︎ Lara Gessner is a freelance graphic designer based in Berlin. 
     Blending the boundaries of a classic approach to graphic design with 3D renderings and            
    animation design, she works with international clients from the cultural and public sector on        
    creative solutions and brand identity developments in printed and digital matters.
        Grown up in Italy and holding degrees in both industrial design and biology, she has a special
    interest in merging art with science through her work. Her unusual background reflects in the
    playful versatility of her graphic language and her willingness to experiment and explore.

GET IN TOUCH ︎︎︎ ︎︎ hello(at)laragessner.com

    ︎  Zentralrat der Juden
          PLASMA Magazine
          Kunsthaus Aarhus
          SPIKE Magazine
          Kunsthalle Zürich
          GRAFT Architects
          Kunsthaus Bonn
          Hellerau Dresden
          Filles de Blèdards

︎  Bureau Borsche
      Any Studio
      David Benski
      Jochem Ruarus
      Dan Solbach

︎ CV
︎ 2017 - now Freelance Graphic Designer in Berlin, Germany
    2016 Sabbatical in South America     2013 - 2016 Bachelor of Science in Biology at Freie Universität Berlin     2013 - 2014 Graphic Designer at Studio Heilmeyer und Sernau     2012 Internship Art Direction at Aimaq von Lobenstein
    2012 Graphic Designer for Seltmann + Söhne Kunstbuchverlag

    2011 studied at ESDi School of Design in Barcelona, Spain        2008 - 2011 Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    1996 - 2007 European School of Varese, Italy   
    Born 1989 in Berlin, Germany

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